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10 Things About Denver

Denver cityscape

Denver is considered one of America’s most beautiful cities. Surrounded by gorgeous mountains and parks, it’s easy to see why it earns this title. The metro area itself is one of the fastest growing in the country, the economy is booming, and the weather is envious by any city’s standards.
Looking from the outside in, Denver seems like an incredibly attractive place to call home. Does that remain the case when actually living within the city limits, though? If you’ve been looking at homes or apartment communities like The Henry, then here are ten things you need to know before moving to the city.

1. The Area is Diverse and Eccentric

Just like any city, there are multiple neighborhoods to choose from when deciding where to live. Each offers its own unique version of life in Denver akin to the stark contrast between natural paradise and towering skyscrapers of the area.

For instance, Harvey Park is known for its mid-century modern architecture while Platt Park is where you’ll find the pinnacle of 21st century living. Harvey is suburban-like in nature, but Platt comes complete with the walkable streets and charming shopping districts that city dwellers often love. There’s also up and coming Sunnyside, which offers a blend of the finer points from Harvey and Platt while providing multiple pop-up businesses.

Despite neighboring one another, each area offers a completely different lifestyle right within the city. Look at each closely before deciding where in Denver you would like to live. Not everyone’s city experience is the same.

2. The Housing Market is Competitive

Affordability is one of largest deciding factors when moving to a new area. Whether you choose to purchase a house or rent, you’ll find that living spaces sell like lightning and that prices are on the rise. Securing a reasonable mortgage or rent is all about timing in the city.

Compared to other metro areas like New York or Los Angeles, Denver is far more affordable. However, it is still roughly 32% more costly than the national average. The housing market itself is competitive in its prices, which causes most city dwellers to rent their home in an apartment community for the cheaper price and amenities they provide.

3. The Cost of Living is Average

While housing costs have risen in Denver, the cost of living remains lower than the vast majority of cities in America. Property taxes beat out most other metro areas, while income taxes fall within the median range. Necessities like healthcare and groceries also fall into that middle price range, making the area more affordable by default when stacked against comparable cities.

Whether or not that evens out the cost of housing is up to you, but the daily life savings are all there. Combine that with an ample amount of public transportation, and you might find that Denver has the benefits of living in an expensive city at nearly half the cost.

4. The Job Market is Incredible

Numerous companies choose to make their headquarters in the Denver metro area. This causes an intense job market that comes with higher base salaries and increased benefits. Most individuals find that they can make more money doing the same job in the city than other areas of the country.

Tech, aerospace and agriculture are the top booming industries in Denver right now with companies like Baker Technologies and Raytheon leading the charge. The culinary and entertainment industries are also seeing incredible growth right inside the city. No matter your profession, you’re guaranteed to find a larger paycheck for your hard work.

5. The Weather is Near Perfect

The city rests an entire mile above sea level, which comes with a few downsides and a ton of benefits. For starters, the summers are hot with a lack of humidity, making them extremely comfortable when compared to areas like Los Angeles or Dallas. You can also expect an astounding 300 days of sunshine each year.

Both the daytime and nighttime sky are clearer thanks to the elevation, too, but you’ll also have to adjust to the lower levels of oxygen that come with the area’s altitude. Temperatures can also fluctuate quickly, sometimes changing over 40 degrees in a day, and the dry air can quickly lead to dehydration. Ask anyone that lives there, though, and they’ll tell just you wonderful the weather is.

6. Snow Can Really Impact Traffic

With its close proximity to the mountains, Denver quickly turns into a ski town at different times of the year. This can cause traffic to become a nightmare outside of the regular rush hour mania you can expect from living in the city. Keep in mind that this snowy season often requires an four-wheel drive vehicle.

On the bright side, Denver is equipped with light rail lines that work their way into nearly every neighborhood and suburb. It also happens to be slightly smaller than most cities, leading several residents to either walk or bike when the weather allows. You don’t need a car to live and work in the city, but you might want one to hit the mountain trails or slopes on your days off.

7. Denver is a Dining and Drinking Hotspot

Next to Portland, Denver is home to the most microbreweries in any area in the U.S. The city has been nicknamed the “Napa Valley of Beer” by leaders in the industry, and has an exquisite culinary scene to match. The nightlife atmosphere of the city is a unique experience from other metro areas in the country.

Brewpubs like Epic Brewing Company and Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales are leading the charge in unique drinks with an in-house experience guaranteed to make a night out more fun or after-work drinks that much more enjoyable. Beatrice and Woodsley is the city’s go-to for date night thanks to its romantically inspired décor, while The Pig & Snout caters to the city’s carnivores with meat and drink pairings to die for.

Pick your poison, because Denver has some the country’s best in dining and drink experiences. Best of all, you can take the light rail home after a crazy night out.

8. There’s Something to do Around Every Corner

Aside from the outstanding food and drink scene, Denver is home to wide variety of experiences tailored to multiple interests. You can find more here in a square mile than nearly any other city in the U.S., which leaves far too many to name in an article. Here are some of the highlight:

  • Denver Broncos home games
  • The horror-fan friendly Stanley Hotel that inspired Stephen King’s The Shining
  • The luxurious Arrowhead Golf Club
  • Concerts at the Red Rocks Amphitheater
  • The Plex, Denver’s performing arts center

9. You’re Minutes from The Great Outdoors

As much as there is to do within the city, there are even more locations outside the city that offer the best mother nature has to offer. There are a multitude of green retreats within the city such as Washington or Confluence Park, but you can find thousands of acres of snowy slopes just a short drive away to the Vail Mountain Resort.

Avid hikers can take advantage of both Mount Evans and the Private Foothills tour on any of those 300 sunny days, while the slightly more adventurous might enjoy the Rocky Mountain Ziplines with its 6,000 feet worth of cables. Whichever direction you look, there are more than enough outdoor adventures to take part in.

10. All-Inclusive Locations like The Henry

There’s nothing like heading back to the perfect home after enjoying all that Denver has to offer. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Platt Park, The Henry stands seven stories high on over four acres of premier residential land.

With amenities that cater to every lifestyle, décor that speaks to a modern age while providing the finer comforts in life, and a location that places you directly next to the light rail as well as Old South pearl Street’s shopping district, The Henry provides a front row seat to the best aspects of city life in Denver.

We invite you to experience quality living in one of the most beautiful cities in America. Welcome to a redefined sense of “the high life,” welcome to The Henry.