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Best Italian Food in Denver

A plate of ravioli garnished with herbs

When you think Italian food, you’d be forgiven for immediately thinking streets New York, and not the places around the Downtown Denver apartments. You’d be surprised, however, as Denver residents absolutely love Italian, and in this city, there are more than enough places to get it. So many, in fact, that we’ve taken the liberty of narrowing down your options to a few of Denver’s finest. Read on, and learn about where you can find some of the best Italian food in the city.


Over on West 32nd Avenue is where you’ll find Spuntino, the husband and wife run Italian eatery that places their emphasis on having an intimate setting, along with passionately prepared meals and delicately sourced drinks for their patrons to enjoy. Sustainability and from-scratch offerings are key here, so whatever they can make in-house, they’ll make it in house to deliver the finest quality possible.

As far as specific dishes you should try, you’d do well to sample the cavatelli (a kind of dumpling pasta with toasted almonds) or the Crostata di Uovo (made with a delectable semolina dough pastry). Additional dinner classics of note include the pollo al matone (a half brick chicken roasted with herb butter and potatoes), and for dessert, you’ll definitely want to give some of that homemade olive oil gelato a taste.

Bar Dough

With a name like Bar Dough, you’d likely suspect that bread would be on the menu at this neighborhood establishment on West 32nd Avenue, and you’d be correct. Bar Dough has taken the traditional Italian fare and given it a high-minded, elevated twist, but the food doesn’t want for that down-home flavor you’re craving, and owners Carrie Baird and Max MacKissock help ensure every meal is served to perfection.

There’s plenty of bread-based deliciousness to sample here, like the wood-fired pizzas and the fancy toast. Pasta is also a big favorite, with varieties like bucatini, tagliarini, and mafaldine making their appearance on the menu (among many others). If you want to keep your meal to strictly vegetables, though, there’s perhaps no option finer than the wood oven-roasted carrots, accompanied by simmered anson mills farro, chickpeas, carrot cumin, vinaigrette, puffed farro, pine nut.

Il Posto

Il Posto, located on Larimer Street, is where the chic and cosmopolitan dine, or the not so chic and cosmopolitan take a date to start things off on the right foot. Their tagline, “the complicated simplicity of Italian food and wine,” sums up their philosophy quite nicely, as owner Andrea Frizzi combines some truly complex and delightful Italian dishes with simply-sourced, organic ingredients to create an experience worth coming back to again and again.

Start things off with the tagliere (that’s the charcuterie platter with all the prosciutto cotto, finocchiona, mortadella and grissini), then dive into a big bowl of spaghetti di primavera if you’re really feeling hungry, or even an order of pappardelle. It’s hard to go wrong with any of these dinner options, and when you’re done, the tiramisu or bombolini will make for a great dessert to cap off your meal.

Angelo’s Taverna

Laying claim to the mantle of the “continued tradition of great food and welcoming hospitality” Denver is so well known for, Angelo’s Taverna on Sixth Avenue has carved out a handsome niche for itself in the Speer neighborhood, one that is only enhanced by its elegant interior and delectable meal selections. Owner Eric Hyatt has crafted a truly unique experience, one that you’ll definitely want to add to your list.

You’ve got your standard Italian fare here — big bowls of pasta, crispy oven-baked pizzas, calzones, stromboli, ravioli — everything you’d expect from a quality Italian restaurant. Angelo’s claim to fame, however, are those to-die-for oysters. You can get them raw, you can get them grilled, you can have them lathered up with butter, and even include toppings like bacon and gorgonzola.


Should you find yourself on Lincoln Street, you might want to pay a visit to DiFranco’s, the fast-paced yet superbly delicious Capitol Hill spot with a small and intimate setting:

“With just one communal table and a few additional seats, this tiny, unpretentious Italian cafe and deli in the Capitol Hill garners great buzz for its simple, lovingly crafted salads, sandwiches and pastas, all featuring local ingredients and prepared in an open kitchen behind the order counter.”

This is the vision of one Ryan DiFranco, the focus is on simplicity, drawing from the best of the Sicilian traditions that DiFranco is descended from, and delivered to you with the freshest organic ingredients he can find. Fresh pasta wins the day here, and you’ll be delighted by offerings like the carbonara, served with local egg, black pepper, guanciale and pecorino. You might also want to take a stab at that chicken parm + spaghetti, also paired with some hot and fresh pasta for your enjoyment.

Carmine’s on Penn

Carmine’s, situated rather predictably on Pennsylvania Street, might well take the crown of “family style Italian” in the confines of Denver. They’ve been doing the neighborhood Italian thing since 1994, and have gained more than enough experience to put most other restaurants to shame in this particular arena. Though ownership has changed hands since then, Carmine’s under the direction of Brad Ritter has proven to be just as dedicated to the establishments roots, and just as committed to offering great food for their customers.

That great food, by the way, includes dishes like old-school pastas (big enough for a group to share) along with fine cuts of meat like chicken and veal. The baked ziti, coupled with some cheese, offers quite the tasty treat, and dessert options like the cannolis and three layer chocolate cake come through to seal the deal on every meal.

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