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Claude Monet in Denver

Young woman with glasses examining a painting closely

Even if you weren’t an art history whiz back in school, you’ve probably heard the name Claude Monet, at the very least. The famous Frenchman’s paintings helped inspire the Impressionist movement during the 1800s, and now years later, you can see some of his works near the affordable apartments in Denver, at the Denver Art Museum. Their Claude Monet: The Truth Of Nature Exhibit will make the DAM “home to the most comprehensive U.S. exhibition of Monet paintings in more than two decades,” and will feature “more than 120 paintings spanning Monet’s entire career.” If you’re keen to immerse yourself in the arts and learn a bit about this impressionist master, then now’s your chance. Here’s what you should know before you head to the exhibit.

Claude Monet: The Truth Of Nature

As you may have gleaned from the title, this exhibit, which is running through February 2nd, 2020, is going to delve deep into Monet’s exploration of nature. According to the museum, Monet had an “enduring relationship” with Mother Earth, and wasn’t afraid to get out into the wild and adventure to find inspiration:

“Monet traveled more extensively than any other impressionist artist in search of new motifs. His journeys to varied places including the rugged Normandy coast, the sunny Mediterranean, London, the Netherlands, and Norway inspired artworks that will be featured in the presentation.”

This is part of what the exhibit will be focusing on. It’s not just an opportunity to gawk at the French master’s works (although they will be prominently displayed and you’ll have plenty of time to look them over). This is a chance to learn more about how he perceived the world, how he saw the land and how he translated what he saw onto his canvas. The museum exhibit also take a look at the theme of isolation within his work:

“Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature will also delve into the artist’s increasing abandonment of any human presence in the landscapes he created, a testimony to his commitment to isolate himself in nature.“

It will truly be an eye opening experience, so you’ll want to start planning your own adventure to the museum as soon as possible. Tickets are already on sale, but they’re in high demand, so make sure you head over to the Denver Art Museum’s ticketing page so you can grab a few for yourself, and secure a time to go check out all that great art.

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