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Denver Central Library

A man reading a book at the library

If there’s one thing that those living in the apartments for rent in Denver with an insatiable thirst for knowledge know, it’s that the Mile High City’s public library system a cherished city institution beloved by all. Perhaps that’s part of the reason Denver residents decided to show their support for the libraries at the polls in 2017:

“One extraordinary highlight stands out for the Denver Public Library in 2017: Denver voters said yes to the library renovation measure, 2E, approving $69.3 million for renovations at ten branch locations and the Central Library. This funding will allow us to better serve our customers, take care of long overdue maintenance to our facilities and modernize our buildings.”

What is it that makes Denver libraries such a well-respected part of the community? That’s exactly what we’ll be taking a look at today, as we delve into all the features that continue to attract loads of visitors to the Central library and its sister institutions.

There Are Plenty of Books and Learning Material

All told, Denver’s library system encompassess more than 2 million items, ranging from your run-of-the-mill books to movies, music, and beyond. This is part of the reason the library’s annual circulation sits at over 9 million, and the library gets upwards of 4 million visitors each year. There’s so much to learn from, and Denver residents are hungry to arm themselves with this valuable knowledge.

Those interested in learning about what the library has in stock would do well to visit the online catalog, which houses information on the library’s collection and allows you to search for specific items you may be interested. It also provides information on new titles that are coming to the library soon, which, at the moment, include exciting adult reads like African Samurai by Thomas Lockley, riveting teen titles like Girl Mogul by Tiffany Pham, and eBook editions like Lauren Groff’s Arcadia.

Programs and Events Enhance the Excitement

Not content to simply lend books to interested readers, the Denver Library System also hosts a plethora of programs for anyone interested in enjoying a deeper experience. These include Summer of Adventure, a kid-oriented experience aimed at engaging youngsters and encouraging them to read, create, and explore various topics of interest. It’s also a great way to get kids out of their proverbial “shell” and helping them make friends, as per this Summer of Adventure success story:

“Two-year-old Cooper Robinson’s first experience at Storytime during Summer of Adventure was a joyous one. His mom, Brittany Robinson, says that in the beginning, he was apprehensive, but once he warmed up to the crowd, there was no stopping him.”

This is but one way that the library gives back and helps keep the joy of learning going all-year-round. Other fantastic programs include the ideaLab, the famed “maker space” where anyone with creative passion can swing by and use advanced tools to let their imaginations roam free. Whether your specific passion lies in photography, video-editing, sewing, woodwork, or something entirely separate, there’s a good chance it can be fulfilled at the ideaLab, and explored solo or as a group.

Then there are those one-off events that constantly dot the library’s calendar. Events as simple as All Ages Storytime are a great way to get everyone, regardless of age, interested in the joys that reading brings by introducing them to new stories and poems designed for a wide audience. Then there are the occasional live performances, events like Bollywood Dance, where, as the name suggests, visitors can revel in the excitement of a riveting choreographed set fit for a Bollywood blockbuster. These, and many similar fun things to do await, so be sure to check out what’s coming up soon on the library’s calendar.

Renovations Are Helping Keep the Library Fresh and Modern

Across Denver, all of the libraries have been getting a bit of an overhaul to help them stay modern and relevant in the contemporary era. Such renovations include those provided by the Better Denver Bond Program, which was aimed largely at structural and interior improvements for the library system’s many branches. Enhancements also include the fruits of that aforementioned $63 milion funding approval, much of which is going to help out the Central Library and the Smiley and Byers branches:

“Denver library staffers are using the opportunity to make not only structural updates, but also visionary ones. In many ways, that strategy involves channeling the longtime ethos of the surrounding neighborhoods. Smiley was originally built near the Berkeley playground to serve the children who played there. Now, the branch will host neighborhood concerts to appeal to young families in the area.”

So, beyond just enhancing the structures of the library’s buildings, they’re using their funds to change what the library offers and keep it fresh and exciting for residents. Beyond those neighborhood concerts, other library branches are hosting community events that celebrate the heritage of the people of Denver, help support the community’s tradition of fantastic local art, and make access to the library and its materials more appealing for all who want it.

Speaking of which, the library recently put out a call for artists to help with creating public works for display and a few grand masterpieces that will sit as a testament to the library’s wonders (along with providing some more aesthetic appeal for Denver residents to enjoy). It’s moves like this that continue to ingratiate the Denver Library to the public, and earn the support from the community it has developed over many years.

Yet Another Reason the Apartments in Denver Are Such a Great Place to Live

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