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Design Ideas from Luxury Spots

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Ever dream of taking your interior design game to the next level? There are plenty of sources to turn to for inspiration, but few that will give you motivation quite like the latest in luxury hotel design.

Think about it. Hotels are designed with their guests and their comfort in mind, so it makes sense that they’d be pushing the envelope in terms of gorgeous design in order to entice new customers. All you have to do is look at some of their style decisions, then incorporate them into your trick bag to achieve your perfect apartment look.

You probably don’t have time to go cruising around from hotel to hotel for ideas, though, so today, we’ll be highlighting some stellar hotel room designs, and showcasing some of the principles you should be thinking about when it comes to designing your own living space.

The Hotel Panache: Headboards Done Right

The Hotel Panache in Paris, France, is chock full of its appropriate namesake. Lovely design is something you can find all throughout this lovely hotel, but the bit we’ll be focusing on here are the amazing headboards on the beds. Headboards might not seem like a big deal, at first, but the truth is that this essential part of your bed makes a big statement about your personality and sense of style.

Now, the headboards on display there at the Hotel Panache are more of an Art Nouveau style, and while they are quite stunning, they aren’t the only type you can experiment with for a great look. Take a look at some upholstered headboards, metallic ones, solid wood, or even go the DIY route — whatever you do, pay attention to this important bit of fashion to achieve that stellar apartment design look you’ve been after.

The Merchant: Vibrant Doors and More

Tired of plain white doors everywhere you look? So were the designers at The Merchant hotel in Salem, apparently, because they’ve done away with the plain and gone all-in on amazing colors:

“Reider incorporated this feel into the design with gray/blues, rich reds, dark purples, and deep emerald greens mixed with Asian accents to lend an elegant and luxurious feel. Custom artwork and distinctive furnishings embrace the import/export history of original owner, Joshua Ward.”

This is all to say that it’s OK to go all out for your color choices, even where doors are concerned. Don’t be afraid to get bold by adding some deep purple, spicy red, or even black into the mix. It’s all about how you match, and if you’ve got the character to pull it off, feel free to own those color choices and display them with pride.

The Halcyon House: The Ultimate in Tranquility

Next we head to the sunny shores of Australia, to the Halcyon House, a scenic establishment in New South Wales. This hotel is all about relaxation and tranquility, something that is apparent when taking a look at their lovely decor. The soft fabric choices, the calming patterns, the peaceful color schemes — it all comes together to create an environment that soothes the soul in perfect fashion.

Part of their success here is the generous use of white, accented by cool colors like blue. It keeps the interior spaces bright, awash with natural light, and that splash of “just the right colors” adds visual appeal while simultaneously exerting some psychological effects that stabilize your mood. It’s a design well done, and one you should draw from if you’re interested in fine tuning your apartment for maximum relaxation.

The Borgo Santo Pietro: Bathrooms to Die For

Head to the Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany, Italy, and you’ll find a sprawling estate filled with ornate design choices. It’s fitting for a 13th Century villa, but perhaps the most impressive facet of the designs here are the elegant bathrooms, proof positive that yours can be functional and fabulous all at the same time.

Instead of the ordinary trappings of a city apartment, this villa-hotel’s bathrooms feature all manner of vintage wonder, like a beautiful chandelier, antique artwork, velvet curtains, and lovely marble countertops. There’s even a fancy stool in there! You’re supposed to be at your most comfortable when you bathe, so why not take things to the next level by making your washing area as high end as possible.

The Henry Howard Hotel: High Ceilings and High Class

Next we turn our attentions to New Orleans, the Henry Howard Hotel, to be specific. This building, more than a century old, puts the Big Easy’s heritage as a birthplace of blues and jazz music on full display, with antique instruments affixed to the wall, and wallpaper that pays homage to New Orleans’ unique history. These are ideas that you can incorporate into your own home design, adding some items that signify a facet of your own unique character to the walls in your own home.

While you might not have any control over the height of your ceilings in your apartment, you may well be able to exert some control over some of your color choices, and if you’re taking a nod from the Henry Howard, you’ll want to use plenty of white in your palette, contrasted with colors like black, green, blue, and red to make the important details stand out. Add a few bits of fancy furniture, and you’ve got a recipe for a bayou-inspired apartment that screams class.

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