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New World Denver Nail Salons

A person receiving a manicure at a spa

There’s a new phenomenon taking place around the Denver luxury apartments, and you probably didn’t even know it was happening. All around the city, nail salons have been taking their game to the next level, with designs and services that are easily a few tiers beyond what you’ll find at your “run of the mill” kind of salon. We wouldn’t just tease something that exciting and leave you out of the loop, though. Today, we’re going to explore where are these dazzling new nail adventures to be found, and what exactly has their customers buzzing with excitement. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start feeling inspired to give them a visit sometime in the near future.

Nails Like You’ve Never Seen Them

The story comes to us from The Know, who recently reported on a “new kind of nail salon” taking the Denver scene by storm:

“There’s a new type of nail salon in town. Instead of rows of impersonal pedicure stations and manicure tables, Denver’s newest manicure spots are creating a more intimate atmosphere with just a few nail techs, quirky and personalized decor, and one-of-a-kind artistic designs and embellishments.”

You’ll be able to say goodbye to those old-school (and frankly, boring) nail salon experiences at these forward-thinking establishments. What’s more, they’ve mastered their social media game, meaning that however you have them style your nails, they’ll be Instagram ready without much need for input on your part!

Among the bunch are stand out salons like Acronychous. The independently-owned outfit on Larimer Street is the brainchild of the masterfully-talented Rachael Bowen, and specializes in all manner of high-end nail art. You need but sit back, relax, and let them take it away as they transform your nails into masterpieces.

Then there’s the one and only Dazzlin’ Digits, the nail art salon home of Rachael Waggoner (not to be confused for our previous Rachael). She and her crew are longtime veterans of their craft, and they’ve built a name for themselves by taking nail care and beauty to heights you may not even have believed possible.

Together, these two shops have formed what you might consider the spearhead for a new nail movement in the city of Denver, one that’s marked by an appreciation for just how aesthetically pleasing nail art can truly be. Expect others to pick up on the formula soon, and in the meantime, be sure to give their storefronts a visit so you can treat yourself to nails done right.

These Denver Luxury Apartments Will Put You Right in Arm’s Reach

Thinking this all sounds exciting? You’d be right, and to experience all the great things Denver has to offer (like these amazing nail salons) you’ll be doing yourself a big favor when you call apartments like The Henry your home. The neighborhood, you’ll find, is chock full of surprises and adventures — making it the perfect place for you to get out and explore what this dense urban environment has in store. You’ll like the high life here in Denver, so be sure to learn more about what awaits at The Henry, and discover how to make one of these magnificent residences your homebase among the wonders of the Mile High City.