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Ready for the Winter Brewfest?

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Rejoice, all you souls living in the apartments for rent in Denver, the moment of truth is at hand. This month, Denver’s Winter Brew Fest is coming, and it’ll be the perfect opportunity to go out, have some fun, support a great cause, and drink amazing craft beer:

“The Winter Brew Fest will celebrate craft bevrages from around Colorado and beyond and features; live local music, food, and other vendors. This event benefits Swallow Hill Music.

Surely you’ll want to get in on at least one of the days of this two-day spectacular? Fear not, we’re here to bring you all the information you’ll need to snag great tickets, enjoy the festival to its fullest, and get a head start on the summer installment of this fantastic tribute to the golden nectar of the gods.

What the Winter Brew Fest Is All About

The idea is a simple one, and something you’ve probably already deduced. You show up to the Brew Fest, you drink great tasting craft beer, listen to live music, and while you’re doing it, you’re supporting a worthy cause. That cause, in case you were wondering, is Swallow Hill Music, a non-profit that’s all about lovers of the arts:

“Founded in 1979, Swallow Hill Music is a nonprofit community in Denver for musicians and music lovers. The organization brings people together through its school, outreach programming and concerts, and is a home for individuals and families who want to learn about, listen to and perform music.”

Their music school offers both private lessons and group classes, and the organization itself puts on a number of concerts to introduce the masses to fine performers of all stripes. They’re definitely the kinds of folks you can buy a beer for, and, in this case, purchase a ticket to help support. As for the minds behind the Brew Fest, you can thank RightOn Productions, LLC, who got the idea for this amazing celebration following an excursion to Bonnaroo in 2004. The event has now morphed into an annual Denver tradition, and one that you should absolutely consider attending.

Brewers and Performers in Attendance

The Winter Brew Fest promises beer in large quantities, and the variety represented this year is staggering. More than 80 brewers will be attending on Friday and Saturday (January 25th and 26th), and while we can’t cover the whole list here, we’ll point you in the direction of a few popular options so you can get an idea of what’s in store.

Dragon Stout, for instance, is a Jamaican-brewed variety with a 7.5% alcohol content. Smoky, malty, and rich with both bitter and sweet flavors, this concoction is a great choice for any fan of the dark stuff. As a quick reference, you can think of this as Red Stripe’s “darker and stronger” brother, with sweet notes and a creamy chocolate aftertaste.

Then there’s Station 26. This local Denver brewing company is located right in the Park Hill Neighborhood, and they’ve got a wide variety of in-can beers that they fashion from various ingredients. Tangerine Cream, for example, is a cream ale that mixes the flavors of vanilla beans and tangerines. Meanwhile, options like their Bang Bang Double IPA provide a hoppier flavor, marked with the aroma of both orange peel and Meyer lemon. If you want to support some of the local boys, be sure to hit them up when you head to Winter Brew Fest.

Another local option is Crazy Mountain Brewery, founded by Kevin Selvy. From their Snowcat Coffee Stout to their signature Crazy Mountain Amber Ale, these guys have brewing down to a science, and they’ve got plenty more great varieties for you to try while you’re at Winter Brew Fest (and after, if you know where to find their product).

This list goes on and on like this. Brewers, both locally headquartered and from around the globe, showing off the best of what they’ve got and you getting the chance to sample all of that well-crafted goodness. Be sure to check out the full list at the Winter Brew Fest main page.

As for the musicians, there are two great bands to watch for during Winter Brew Fest. On Friday night, The Burroughs, a classic soul ensemble with a nine-piece powerhouse band will be bringing their brand of Colorado sound to the stage. On Saturday, you’ll have the chance to catch Dead Floyd, a Colorado tribute act dedicated to celebrating the music of both the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd.

Getting Your Tickets

This year’s Winter Brew Fest is going down January 25th and 26th at Mile High Station on West Lower Colfax Avenue. Tickets are available through Eventbrite, and there are several purchasing options depending on what kind of experience you’re after.

General Admission Tickets, which run $40 if you purchase in advance, will get you the standard tasting experience, complete with your own glass and the opportunity to hear some of that live music. VIP Tickets, on the other hand, run $50 in advance, and let you into the venue an hour early. With the VIP experience, you also get access to some of the “special beer” and a hearty cheese sampling to boot.

Getting Ready for Summer Brew Fest

Don’t forget that Summer Brew Fest will be coming up sooner than you think. Again, the event will be held at Mile High Station, and to get yourself an ample head start, you should check out the official page to learn about tickets and who will be in attendance before the masses.

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