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Summer in Colorado Ski Towns

A street in Telluride lined with brick buildings, with mountainous terrain in the distance

Summer can get pretty hot, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick around the apartments in Denver burning to a crisp. The state of Colorado is well-known for its lovely and relaxing ski towns, and the year round fun that you can enjoy when you visit:

“Colorado offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world, and snowfall amounts during major storms can be spectacular. Ski resorts range from top-end, world-class resorts with seemingly endless terrain to single-lift, family-run operations that deliver skiers to groomed runs and some of the best hike-to possibilities in the country.”

And visit you shall! You might not be able to ski when the snow is scarce, but those ski towns still have plenty to offer travelers — from recreation to relaxation and much more. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most popular skiing destinations around the state, and filling you in on all the advance info you’ll need to plan a trip and have a great time. Here’s what you’ll need to know.


Once a Victorian, Rocky Mountain silver mining town, Telluride is now a prime destination for those who want to golf and ski. The town itself sits in a “box canyon,” which is to say that it’s inside of a short, narrow canyon with steep walls.

Telluride Ski Resort is the place to be when the slopes are covered with snow and it’s time to ski your heart out. You’ll note that the ski trails range from 8.750 feet in elevation to an impressive 13,320 feet at some points. Even when it’s not time to ski, the Telluride makes for a great spot to rest and relax, with its scenic landscapes and peaceful atmosphere. You might also decide to get a few rounds of golf, or, during the summer months, check out the Telluride Bike Park and hit the mountain trails.

And in Telluride itself there is plenty to do during the summer — river rafting, hiking, sightseeing, and much more will occupy your time, and you’ve got all sorts of natural landmarks around the area, like Ajax Peak, Bear Creek Falls, Hope Lake, and Bridal Veil Falls, to take a look at and photograph as well.


Deep within Summit County, you’ll find the tiny town of Keystone, and it’s main attraction — the Keystone Resort. During the snowy months, there are about 3,148 acres around this area where you can test your skills, with many of those runs dedicated to intermediate and advanced skiers. When summer rolls around, though, Keystone takes on a slightly different atmosphere, as hiking, horseback riding, rafting, fishing, and paddleboarding take over as the main activities of note.

Keystone also has its fair share of summer festivals. Coming up soon, from July 13th to July 14th, is the Wine & Jazz Festival, a full weekend of live jazz on stage and more than 300 wines for you to sit back and sip. While you’re there, you can take one of those mountain top yoga classes you’ve been meaning to try too.


This appropriately-named town at the base of Vail Mountain is also the home of the absolutely gigantic Vail Ski Resort. It’s one of the largest resorts in the state of Colorado, and, as such, is packed with things to do. When snow is plentiful, the drill is straightforward — head up the mountain and catch some speed coming down on your skis (or snowboard). When the weather is fine in the summertime, though, you’ve got a whole new array of activities to discover, though, including the scenic gondola rides.

Like Keystone, Vail is no stranger to summer events. The 4th of July celebration is right around the corner, and in addition to that, they’ve got Farmer’s Markets, Art Shows, and free concerts every Tuesday at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater. July will see the Jackie Greene Band and Big Something grace the stage, while in August, you can look forward to The California Honeydrops and the Bone Diggers.


Even if you’re not a Colorado native, chances are you’ve at least heard of Aspen before. It’s a beautiful place, with impressive mountain scenery, and the skiing on the slopes is amazing — when there’s snow around. When snow is scarce, though, Aspen is still a place to enjoy to the fullest, thanks to the equally impressive historic downtown area. You could get your fill of excitement just roaming around and soaking in the lovely architecture, or, you could head out to do some shopping instead.

Aspen is home to more than its fair share of boutiques, and you’ll want to stock up on unique clothing and other items, should the shopping bug take hold of you. As for recreation, there are plenty of resorts around Aspen to enjoy, but you might find the best time over at Aspen Snowmass. It’s not just beautiful there, they’ve got a stated commitment to environmental sustainability. As they see it, they need the snow to stay in business, so protecting the environment (and avoiding any nasty climate change that might wreck their business model) is a responsibility they share in just as much as any other American (or human on earth, for that matter).

And while you’re at Aspen Snowmass for the summer, you can rest assured there are diversions galore for you to get lost in. Hiking and biking take the cake, but they’ve also got ziplines, rope courses, camps, and other fun activities to enjoy as well. Be sure to check out the summer visit guide to learn more.

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