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The Historic Larimer Square

Flags hanging in Denver's Larimer Square

Denver, Colorado is known around the nation for several things. It’s the craft beer capital of the US, a vibrant community surrounded by natural beauty, and home to a rich history. If you live in any of the Denver apartments around Larimer Square, then your home rests on one of the most historic blocks in the city.

A closer look inside of this iconic square reveals how Denverites lived before out modern times as well as the beginning of the city itself. Larimer Square is a history lesson in itself. Here’s what this unique block has to teach residents.

The Start of a City

Larimer Square is quite literally where Denver began. Originally created in 1858, this block served as the city’s business hub well into the 1900’s. The town’s creation relied heavily on the gold rush of the 1800’s when Georgians settled there in the pursuit of riches.

Originally, Larimer was just a street named after General Larimer (the first person to build a home in the area). His house featured doors made from coffin lids, and the street looked very similar to what you might see in a Western as it developed.

By 1861, Colorado had officially become a territory of the United States. Larimer was named as the city’s main street now that the land had been further developed, featuring shops, homes, and saloons. Key residents in Denver’s early history include Annie Oakley, Chief Little Raven, and con-man Soapy Smith.

It remains the oldest commercial block in the city, but it wasn’t always the beautiful metropolis residents see today. Colorado sank into a depression during the Silver Crash of 1893, quickly becoming known as a Skid Row by the 1900’s.

That changed in 1965 when Larimer Square Associates (including Dana Crawford) decided to restore it to its former glory, preserving its historical commercial value. Today, the square serves as a cultural hub filled with fine dining, premier shopping, and entertainment.

Exploring Larimer

Larimer retains much of its classic charm in both sidewalk and building style. Decorated with shining lights and well-kept trees, its streets hold numerous activities and wonders to keep residents entertained.

Take the Walkway Gallery, for instance. This curated bi-weekly rotating display hosts works from an enthusiastic art movement taking place in the Denver community. Here, local artists have the chance to show off their pieces and sell them to the public.

Grabbing a Drink

In true Larimer Square fashion before, during, and after prohibition, there are plenty of places to grab a drink while you explore the area. You could stop in for a selection of 50 wines from Cru, enjoy chef inspiration with a cocktail at Green Russel, or experience the urban party scene at Larimer Social.

Shopping Around

Premier shopping destinations are never in short supply with major native names like Moda Man and Qinti. You could fill an entire closet with the shoes featured at John Fluevog, line your vanity with decadent jewelry from Victorian Antique, or find a new wardrobe at Eve.

Unique Features

Al’s Barber Shop provides the classic experience from days of old, while Aillea and Wax + Lash can take care of your beauty needs. For something new and progressive, check out the Cout Designs & Belong Designs Pop-Up, a dual-brand pop up shop featuring unique athleisure and comfort wear.


Restaurants are in abundance on Larimer Street, with a little something for everyone from BBQ to Meditteranean. Bistro Vendome serves up French dishes, while BUBU provides a unique menu filled with healthy takes on classic build-your-own bowls.

Corridor 44 is Denver’s only champagne bar and restaurant, often considered the finest date spot in the entire city. Ocean Prime offers upscale seafood, while Osteria Marco provides high-class Italian fare from chef and owner Frank Bonanno.

For the carnivore, there’s plenty of smoked delights at Russel’s Smokehouse. Rioja provides a splash of Mediterranean, and Tamayo has all of the modern Mexican cuisine you can handle. If you’re still hungry after any of those delicious meals, then hit up Wednesdays’ Pie for a slice of the good stuff.

Other highlights include The Capital Grille stakehouse, fresh deli from The Market, and classic American cuisine from Ted’s Montana Grill. Of course, there’s always Starbucks if you only feel like having coffee and a baked good.


Aside from the vibrant atmosphere offered by the many watering holes found on Larimer, there’s plenty to keep you entertained throughout the night. Try Comedy Works, Denver’s top location for nationally renowned comedians as well as local talent.

There’s also The Crimson Room, which is an intimate cocktail lounge featuring live music every night. Any trip to Larimer Square is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated, spirited, and joyful.

Denver Apartments

Just a short distance away from Larimer Square in the premier residential neighborhood of Platt Park lies The Henry, the city’s newest luxury dwellings. This seven-story building sits comfortable on 4.29-acres offering 45,000 square feet of common space.

Each of the 403 homes at The Henry feature open floor plans with lofty ceilings and oversized windows, providing breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains as well as the city skyline. Dwellings offer residents the finest in modern designs from cabinetry to hardware.

A wealth of amenities include a state-of-the-art fitness center to help you stay in shape, studio rooms, and a sky lounge for relaxing after a long day. The business center aides the entrepreneur, while the amenity deck features a resort-style pool complete with outdoor dining spaces. Co-working spaces and conference rooms allow you to work from home, or you can stay connected in the media room on a day off. Completing the 45,000 square feet of common space is an expansive lawn for outdoor games and events.

We invite you to experience Denver and historic Larimer Square in all of their glory from the comfort of a new, luxury home. The Henry isn’t just another apartment to live in, it redefines the definition of higher-living in the city.

Welcome to Platt Park’s newest premier dwelling. Welcome to The Henry.