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Ways To Cozy Up Your Bedroom

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It’s Winter, and with those temperatures falling, you might find yourself spending more time inside the Denver apartments than usual to beat the cold. While you’re making your last stand against the elements, though, the last thing you want to do is hold out in a state of perpetual discomfort. Now, while a full-on apartment makeover might be beyond the scope of what you’re trying to tackle when you’re just trying to stay warm, but a quick tidy-up of your bedroom? That’s one thing you should be able to handle with at least a hand tied behind your back, and we’ve got some awesome tips and tricks in store for you that will help transform your domicile into a cozy enclave, fit to stand against Mother Nature’s winter fury.

Reimagining Your Bedroom Space

So, you want to make your bedroom cozier? To borrow a passage from PopSugar, a complete bedroom transformation isn’t rocket science, and it’s actually quite possible with the simple addition of some “soft, plush textures, the right color choices, and some smart design tricks.” What does that entail, specifically? We’ve got the breakdown for you right here.

Pick Your Path: Light, or Dark?

There are two ways of thinking about how you should color the walls in your bedroom, and what you decide will ultimately rest on what you think is more comfortable. Do big, open spaces make you feel relaxed? You’ll want to go stark white, then, because no color does it better when it comes to making a room appear larger than it really is. White will reflect light spectacularly, so with the curtains up and the blinds open, you’ll be getting plenty of natural sunlight bouncing around and making your space feel bright and gargantuan. Couple that with a nice, white comforter on the bed and a few smart furniture choices, and you’ve got yourself a mix for a wide-open kind of cozy with no comparison.

On the other hand, though, all that bright light and open space can leave some people feeling cold and empty, so if you count yourself among that bunch, you’ll want to head in the opposite direction with your color picks. Go dark, as far as a deep gray or even black, and you’ll find the walls hugging you in a way that make everything appear tight and embracing. With the walls enveloping you, you can embrace the darkness fully by complementing your dark wall with dark bed linens, or add some contrast with lighter colored linens to draw attention to the coziest spot in your new bedroom — the choice is yours.

Add Some Fabrics

If your bedroom is currently looking a bit bare bones, that might be because you’ve neglected some of the finer touches that can bring the space together. Take your pillows, for example. If you’ve only got two (or, heaven forbid, one) you’re doing yourself a major disservice. To maximize your comfort, you’ll need to add at least a couple of fluffy pillows, and some suitably fluffy pillow covers to take the coziness to the next level. Don’t stop there, though, because there’s plenty more in the way of fabric-oriented accessories you can add to your space.

Sure a cover or comforter is nice, but you can kick it up a notch by adding a nice fur (or faux fur) throw into the mix. When your bed is made, it can rest on top of the linens like a lovely drape (making your bed look much cooler, figuratively speaking), and when you’re cuddled up, that throw will add some much needed warmth to the equation, keeping you cozy through and through. You can even add a rug or two, if you’ve got hard floors. This will add some squishy-softness for your feet while you’re traipsing around — just be sure to layer them up in the right areas (like around your bed) to give yourself a plush landing zone when you roll out of bed.

Lighting Is Everything

OK, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but lighting is still rather important when it comes to making your bedroom feel cozy. As a general rule of thumb, softer is better, and you’ll want to avoid harsh lamps to keep from feeling like you’re being interrogated whenever you flip on a light switch. DIY can go a long way in making sure everything matches your room’s theme, and you can accentuate those soft lighting choices by adding some cute fairy lights that tie it all together.

Have You Thought About a Canopy?

Remember earlier when we mentioned dark colors can make the room feel like it’s giving you hug and keeping you safe? You can achieve a similar effect from your bed, if you’ve got a canopy. Those lovely drapes won’t just keep you warm, they’ll serve as a mental reminder that your bed is your sanctuary, a place of ethereal comfort that can’t be matched anywhere else on the planet.

Don’t Forget Those DIY Touches

We’re not saying you can’t achieve a perfectly cozy bedroom using only things you bought at the store. What we are saying, however, is that you’ll have a much easier go at making your room feel comfortable for you if you throw in some personal touches, courtesy of various DIY elements. What you choose to tackle solo is up to you, but some ideas for where to start are your desk and nightstand. What better way to claim this space as your own than with a place to rest your knick-knacks that you built all by your lonesome?

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